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Create Caricature Using Photoshop

How To Create Caricature Using Photoshop

Create Caricature Using Adobe Photoshop Create Caricature Using Photoshop: In this tutorial, we will learn How to Create a Caricature From Image With Adobe Photoshop in ten minutes or less, because it is easy. The reason that it is very easy because that Adobe has

Skin Retouching

How to do a skin retouching with bruce willis

Skin Retouching with Bruce Willis Photoshop Tutorial  Skin Retouching Photoshop Tutorial : In this tutorial we will learn how to face retouching With Adobe Photoshop. I’ll be taking a somewhat different approach to demonstrating the dodging and also  burning. Rather than cover the actual painting aspect of dodge

change hair color

Change hair color in photoshop with Brad Pitt

Change Hair Color in Photoshop using Non Destructive Editing Change hair color In this Photoshop: In thisTutorial I will show you how to Change the Color in Photoshop using Non Destructive Editing. The tools we’ll be using are Quick Mask Selection , Layer Masking and

Colorful Text Portrait Effect

Create A Colorful Text Portrait Effect | with al pacino

Create A Colorful Text Portrait Effect:  A lot of people think this effect is very complicated, but the truth is it is not, all it takes is practice and patience. So have fun watching and learning. Colorful Text Portrait Effect: In this tutorial we will

Dispersion Ink Effect with Brad Pitt

Dispersion Ink Effect with Brad Pitt

Dispersion Ink Effect  with Brad Pitt Photoshop Tutorial. Dispersion Ink Effect: Want to create an amazing dispersion image effect that’s literally blown apart in adobr Photoshop cs6 & cc? Watch this video in which we describe how to do it step by step, so let’s get