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Change hair color in photoshop with Brad Pitt

Change Hair Color in Photoshop using Non Destructive Editing

Change hair color In this Photoshop: In thisTutorial I will show you how to Change the Color in Photoshop using Non Destructive Editing.


The tools we’ll be using are Quick Mask Selection , Layer Masking and Adjustment Layers as well as Layer Blend Modes.
First Select the Hair using a soft brush and the quick mask edit mode, painting all the hair that you want to alter.

Once you have finished exit quick mask mode, and invert your selection.

Second, use an Adjustment Layer for Hue and Saturation. It should create a Layer Mask that has your hair selected. Now your sliders will allow you to manipulate the hair color as you see fit.

This is the easiest way (in my opinion) to Change Hair Color in Photoshop. This is how I prefer for example to change hair color in a brunette to a blonde or vise versa.

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