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Sci Fi Effect

Photo Manipulation | Sci Fi Effect

Sci Fi Effect Photo Manipulation In Photoshop. Photo Manipulation is very popular today, people do not always know how to make it beautiful and also correctly, because they think they just need to combine some images together and that’s it, but friends why you are not

Face Swapping

Face Swapping Form Images With Ryan Reynolds

Face Swapping (Replace a Face) With Ryan Reynolds in Adobe Photoshop Face Swapping In this tutorial, I will show you how to Swap faces In Photoshop. Swapping faces or swapping heads is perhaps what Photoshop is most commonly used for. Just about every magazine cover or

Create Caricature Using Photoshop

How To Create Caricature Using Photoshop

Create Caricature Using Adobe Photoshop Create Caricature Using Photoshop: In this tutorial, we will learn How to Create a Caricature From Image With Adobe Photoshop in ten minutes or less, because it is easy. The reason that it is very easy because that Adobe has

caricature manipulation

Caricature Manipulation: Make It In Photoshop

Caricature Manipulation and putting smooth photo effects. Caricature Manipulation: In this Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn to create a caricature manipulation and putting smooth photo effects. The idea is to also comically exaggerate particular features to create a humorous representation of that person. I used dodge and

Face Transformation Effect

Face Transformation Effect Blending Images

Face Transformation Effect Blending Images Like a Professionals do! Credit video to Graphics Geeks|Post Image:screenshot YouTube We start off with a picture of a man, and a picture of a plant. I’ve already spent some time manually masking around the plant to remove its background.