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Photo Manipulation | Sci Fi Effect

Sci Fi Effect Photo Manipulation In Photoshop.

Photo Manipulation is very popular today, people do not always know how to make it beautiful and also correctly, because they think they just need to combine some images together and that’s it, but friends why you are not taking into consideration that the colors do not match and that’s why you need to adjust the colors to each other .
There are lots of examples such as the location of the figures, shadow, pixel size, and more.
I’m always happy to see designers as good as In this video that understands the issue and create beautiful things.
So enjoy.

 Credit video to Arunz Creation|Post Image:screenshot YouTube 

Sci Fi Effect Manipulation In Photoshop In this photoshop tutorial you will learn to create a high class manipulation with mixtape photo effects manipulation.

And also you’ll learn how to use different blending modes to professionally blend images, you’ll also see different ways of adding lights and shadows and discover the way how you can add realistic fire to your pictures.



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